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  • Visit Us!

    Visit all 3 sites (must be logged into them)
    Reward: 500 BTP
  • Buy a Picture

    Buy or place a bid in the auction on a new picture. (Must not be a rebuy/rebid)
    • Buy a Picture
    Reward: 50 BTP
  • Buy 10 Pictures

    Buy or place 10 bids in the auction. (Must not be a rebuy/rebid)
    • Buy Pictures 0/10
    Reward: 500 BTP
  • Win Me Back

    Buyback a picture that you have lost or have been outbid on.
    • Buyback a picture
    Reward: 75 BTP
  • Win Us Back

    Buyback 10 pictures that you have lost or have been outbid on.
    • Buyback Pictures 0/10
    Reward: 750 BTP
  • Visit Us Often

    Complete Quest "Visit Us!" every day for a week
    • Quest Completed 0/7 Times
    Reward: 7,500 BTP
  • Visit Us More Often

    Complete Quest "Visit Us!" every day for a month
    • Quest Completed 0/30 Times
    Reward: 50,000 BTP