About BabeTrader.com

BabeTrader.com is a site that allows our users to buy and sell pictures (with BabeTrader points) on HotnessRater, CelebrityRater, and BabesRater with our play currency BabeTrader Points

BabeTrader points can be earned by viewing pictures on our sites. While you own a picture, when another unique user views that picture you will earn more points, allowing you to buy more pictures and climb the ranks.

At any time other users can buy your pictures away from you for whatever you paid for them plus 10%.

You can cash out BabeTrader points if your points are worth $25 or more at our current exchange rate.


  • Visit Us!

    Visit all 3 sites (must be logged into them)
    Reward: 500 BTP
  • Buy a Picture

    Buy or place a bid in the auction on a new picture. (Must not be a rebuy/rebid)
    • Buy a Picture
    Reward: 50 BTP
  • Buy 10 Pictures

    Buy or place 10 bids in the auction. (Must not be a rebuy/rebid)
    • Buy Pictures 0/10
    Reward: 500 BTP
  • Win Me Back

    Buy back a picture that you have lost.
    • Buy back a picture
    Reward: 150 BTP
  • Visit Us Often

    Complete Quest "Visit Us!" every day for a week
    • Quest Completed 0/7 Times
    Reward: 7,500 BTP
  • Visit Us More Often

    Complete Quest "Visit Us!" every day for a month
    • Quest Completed 0/30 Times
    Reward: 50,000 BTP
  • Coming Soon

    Wait for it...